5 Steps To Get Your Closet Ready For Summer


De-clutter your closet for the hot summer weather with these easy steps.

Keeping your closet in check can be a daunting task. We all try to push it back for as long as possible, but then it happens; you can’t find your favorite pieces, you have no space for your new items, and worst of all your laundry becomes rotating piles of clothes that have nowhere to go. Luckily, once you have a game plan, cleaning out the clutter is easier than you thought.

We have gathered some tips that will get you going in the right direction. Here are 5 simple steps that can help you on your mission for a cleaner closet.

1. Divide your items by season
We all know that Florida only really has two seasons: hot, and suffocatingly hot. Why is that heavy sweater you wear a couple days out of the year hanging out with your day-to-day garments? Divide your clothes by what you wear during those hot months, and what you can only pull off when the night temperatures drop.

2. Create 3 separate piles
Next, you will need to create a layout within your room. Separate three areas for the following – items to keep, items to toss, and items you are unsure about. If you do not have enough space, use storage bins or clean trash bags to keep everything separated.

3. Look at each piece of clothing or accessory objectively
This is probably the hardest part of the entire process. Time to go through your “seasons” piles and decide what stays and what goes.

In order to keep yourself objective, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I like the item and can’t live without it?
  • Is the particular item flattering? If it’s not flattering, can it be taken in/repaired/tailored?
  • How often do I wear this item?
  • Does this item represent my current style and/or a hot trend I want to try this summer?

You can be more generous about keeping items that you will need during the hotter months. If you realize down the line that you do not wear it as often, get rid of it.

4. Figure out what to do with the “toss” pile
There are many different ways to recycle clothing. Here are just a few examples.

  • Repurpose – T-shirts make great cleaning cloths once they are cut into smaller pieces. Use them around the house or for home improvement projects.
  • Sell – For items that are still in decent condition, look into making a little extra money by selling them to a local thrift store.
  • Donate – If the thought of selling your items puts you off, you could always give them to someone in need. There are many local charities that accept clothing donations. Your local Hangers Cleaners is a certified drop of location as well.

5. Put away what you are not using
The final step is the easiest. Take all those clothes you will not be using during the summer and put them away. It makes no sense to keep your jackets, beanies, and heavy pants taking up room your closet for months at a time. Grab a storage bin and set them aside until you need them again.

Now that you’ve stored away the items you will not be using, simply organize your closet with your new summer stuff right up front.