Daily Care
After each wear, empty all pockets. Otherwise the pockets may bulge or sag.
We hope to make life simpler by providing Hangers Store Express. Sign up so you can focus on the more important things in life.

Download the Hangers Store Express Form and submit it to us by fax.

Just fill out a Hangers Store Express Form; provide contact information, garment care preferences and credit or debit card information. This will allow us to provide the best service with automated billing.

We will provide your personalized Hangers Express bags, complete with a tag containing your individualized preferences.

You will immediately start enjoying the convenience that busy people like you deserve:

Express Drop-Off
No need to wait to provide your name or phone number. Just drop off your personalized Hangers Express bag and Go!

Express Pick-Up
No transactions required at pick-up time. Just provide your name, collect your items and you’re off!


It’s the Hangers difference.

Download the Hangers Store Express Form here and fax it back to us at (407) 897.6070 or drop it off at our location nearest you.